Web Deployment


Boost radiological workflows and physician services with a Web-based solution that is easy to access, intuitive to use, and offers accelerated visualization of 2D, 3D, and 4D datasets and specialized workflows.

Adapt to changing demands for access and security…

Satisfy the needs of specialist physicians for interactive 3D renderings, rather than settling for the 2D images usually associated with web-based applications. Supporting both Windows and Mac browsers, as well as mobile devices and smart phones, ORS Visual Web combines secure mobility with powerful server-based advanced visualization for the review of image data generated from CT, MRI, US, PET and other modalities.

Simply login from any browser that supports HTML 5 to access the full clinical benefits of ORS Visual, including MPR, MIP, oblique views, real-time volumetric visualization, as well as feature extraction and region of interest measurement tools. In addition, the review of patient image data and media-rich reports from mobile devices is facilitated with intuitive tools to search for studies, apply window leveling, zoom, pan, and scroll through image stacks, as well as optimize the display of 3D volume renderings.

NOTE ORS Visual Web is a streaming technology used to deliver standalone applications remotely using recognized protocols and standards such as HTML, WebSocket, and JPEG. It is not a medical application, but can be used in an enterprise environment to facilitate remote access to workstations equipped with ORS Visual.

At a glance

  • Anywhere at anytime access to image data without any downloads
  • Server-based visualization eliminates the need to purchase additional workstations, all data remains secure on the server side
  • Patient information encrypted to ensure confidentiality and security
  • Authentication with unique user IDs and passwords for proof of identity
  • Flexible access rules enable referring physicians to share patient cases with specialists
  • Automatic logoff after expiration of configured period of inactivity
  • Windows Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, FireFox
  • Mac Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, FireFox
  • Access Google Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone

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