With a comprehensive entry-level package available free of charge, ORS Visual is simply the most logical choice to meet any medical imaging challenge.

Advanced 3D visualization and analysis tools for medical image data…

By combining an intuitive multilingual interface modeled on the clinical workflow with selectable post-processing settings and real-time volumetric visualization, ORS Visual seamlessly provides rapid, multi-user access to image studies throughout an enterprise and from web browsers and mobile devices.

ORS Visual offers a full suite of advanced 3D visualization and analysis tools for the diagnostic evaluation of medical image data derived from CT, MR, ultrasound, and other imaging modalities. Available functions include DICOM communication, display of 2D images in orthogonal and oblique planes, computation of rendered 3D images and maximum intensity projections (MIPs), 2D and 3D image measurements, as well as reporting, printing, and distribution of key images.

ORS Visual also addresses the needs of specialists through add-on modules such as Vessel Analysis, which enables the identification and evaluation of pathology related to vascular disease, and Autoplaque, which facilitates the characterization and quantification of plaque in coronary arteries.

ORS Visual is compliant with U.S. (FDA) and Canadian (Health Canada) requirements for medical devices. Learn more about our Regulatory Compliance

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At a glance

  • User login and authentication
  • DICOM query/retrieve
  • Pre-defined view layouts
  • MPR, oblique, double-oblique views
  • MIP, mIP, average intensity projections
  • Curved planar reformations (CPR)
  • Measurements and annotations
  • Advanced volume rendering
  • Image registration and multi-modality fusion
  • Export series and key images
  • Create movies and custom-sized posters
  • Reporting and printing

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