ORS Visual provides accelerated visualization of medical image data, intuitive analysis tools, and seamless PACS integration within a flexible solution that can be expanded at any time.

All of our ORS Visual products run on standard Windows PCs with mainstream graphics hardware and are available in multiple packages to match your specific needs — from basic multi-planar reformats (MPR) and maximum intensity projections (MIP) to curved planar reformats (CPR) and advanced 3D volume rendering. Check the System Requirements for ORS Visual.

Features ORS Visual Lite ORS Visual Pro
Easy connectivity within existing PACS networks Yes Yes
DICOM file / DICOMDIR import and export Yes Yes
Save PACS queries Yes Yes
Display DICOM attributes, correct tags, anonymize studies Yes Yes
Automatic image grouping and series splitting Yes Yes
User login and authentication Yes Yes
Protocols (post-processing procedures applied automatically) Yes Yes
User configurable keyboard shortcuts Yes Yes
Save evaluation and processing results as a session -- Yes
2D Features and Tools
Pre-defined view layouts and linked scrolling Yes Yes
Window leveling and WL presets Yes Yes
Zoom, pan, cine controls Yes Yes
Image flip and rotate, invert Yes Yes
Lens tool to quickly enlarge an area of interest Yes Yes
Display scout (reference) lines and bitmap overlays Yes Yes
Reset to original settings Yes Yes
Annotations and Measurements
Orientation annotations, scale bars, grid Yes Yes
Point, length, angle, Cobb angle measurements Yes Yes
Spine labeling templates Yes Yes
Rectangular, elliptical, polygonal, freehand regions Yes Yes
Region measurements (perimeter, area, values) Yes Yes
Measurement calibration Yes Yes
MPR and Intensity Projections
Multiplanar reformations Yes Yes
Oblique, double-oblique views Yes Yes
MIP, mIP, average intensity projections Yes Yes
Derived series in any oblique orientation with selectable extent, slice spacing, slab thickness Yes Yes
Curved planar reformations -- Yes
3D Features and Tools
3D volume rendering in color, grayscale, MIP -- Yes
Customizable volume rendering presets (color look-up tables) -- Yes
Clip volumes in any plane, sphere, or cylinder -- Yes
Fly-through and virtual endoscopy mode -- Yes
Image fusion and image registration -- Yes
Feature Extraction and Volume Measurements
Segmentation tools to visually isolate anatomy or features -- Yes
Volume measurements of segmented regions -- Yes
Automated tools to remove bones and gantry from view -- Yes
Vessel extraction for displays in which bones have been removed -- Yes
Distribution and Reporting
Capture and export screenshots with annotations Yes Yes
Create custom-size posters Yes Yes
Create and export movies -- Yes
Read and write to CD/DVD/USB key Yes Yes
Print images to standard (Windows) printers Yes Yes
Print images to DICOM printers (requires additional license) Yes Yes
DICOM SR and RTF reports Yes Yes
United States (FDA) Yes Yes
Canada (Health Canada) Yes Yes
English, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish -- Yes
Deployment Options
Standalone workstation Yes Yes
Web-based (requires ORS Visual Web) Yes Yes

Why Upgrade to ORS Visual Pro?

Discover the premium features that extend the functionality of the Lite version.