Developed by leading experts in cardiac CT imaging, Autoplaque allows radiologists and cardiologists to evaluate calcified and non-calcified arterial plaque components using scan-specific thresholds.


Plaque visualization and quantification for CCTA…

Quantification and characterization of lesion composition with the Autoplaque add-on module for ORS Visual includes known metrics that agree with standard intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) measurements, such as minimum lumen diameter, plaque volume, and remodeling index.

Analysis by Autoplaque provides calcified and non-calcified plaque volumes, with optional separation into low and high-density non-calcified plaque components. Additional parameters include stenosis percentage, remodeling index, and lesion length, as well as proximal, distal, and stenosis diameters. If multiple lesions are analyzed, the additional parameters of total non-calcified, low density, and calcified plaque volumes, maximum remodeling index and stenosis percentage, as well as maximum lesion length will also be available.

At a glance

  • Blood pool analysis region
  • Automatic lumen extraction and center lining
  • Curved planar reformats (CPR) and straightened vessel views
  • Quantification of calcified and non-calcified plaque components with scan-specific thresholds
  • Separation of low and high non-calcified plaque
  • Volume measurements, stenosis percentage, remodeling index, lesion length
  • Multiple vessel analysis, including total plaque volume and maximum remodeling index
  • Reporting

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