OEM Solutions


The most cost-effective way to integrate 2D, 3D, and 4D imaging workflows and provide advanced visualization features in an existing PACS environment or any other application.

Meet the challenges of data-intensive image procedures…

Our OEM product family provides accelerated visualization of medical and scientific data, intuitive analysis tools, and seamless PACS integration in an out-of-the box white label solution that can be expanded when the time is right.

Our OEM products can be seamlessly embedded and controlled within PACS interfaces and are available in multiple packages to match your specific needs — from basic multi-planar reformations (MPR) and maximum intensity projections (MIP) to advanced 3D volume rendering, curved planar reformations (CPR), and image fusion. All of our OEM products feature the unmatched image quality and optimized rendering performance associated with the ORS Visual software platform.

You can rely on our professional services team to offer an embedded solution that seamlessly fits into your customer's imaging processes.

NOTE Object Research Systems does not market its OEM components and products as medical devices. However, they can be used by OEM customers to create their own medical product solutions.

Key benefits

  • Complete customization of the user interface to perfectly match the embedding application and its behaviour, including mouse and keyboard events.
  • All of our OEM products run on standard Windows PCs with off-the-shelf graphics hardware and are available in multiple packages.
  • Flexible licensing options that allow you to expand your network with a predictable cost of ownership.
  • Integration APIs facilitate direct access to ORS Visual clinical workflows and portfolio of image manipulation, annotation, and feature extraction tools.

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