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Learn how ORS Visual can be an essential tool for the diagnostic evaluation of medical image data derived from CT, MR, ultrasound, and other imaging modalities.


    Evaluating a Horseshoe Kidney

    This video case study highlights an evaluation of a renal CT scan of a congenital disorder known as "horseshoe kidney" and subsequent examination of the parenchymal bridge uniting the two organs.

    Assessing an Aortic Aneurysm

    A thoracic CT can provide information for assessing the diameter of the ascending aorta and its temporal evolution, as well as the degree of expansion and any irregularities in the contours of the aorta.

    Assessing a Brain Stem Tumor

    This video shows how a fused series can provide correlation between a CT scan, in which the tumor sitting at the medulla oblongata appears isodense, and an MR scan acquired after gadolinium injection.