Enjoy superior capabilities for reviewing, storing, and distributing medical images by requesting your free copy of ORS Visual Lite.

Available functions include DICOM communication, automatic image grouping and series splitting, window leveling and WL presets, zoom, pan, and cine controls, as well as point, length, angle, and Cobb angle measurements. With ORS Visual Lite you can also create multi-planar reformats (MPR), oblique and double-oblique views, intensity projections (MIP), and derived series in any orientation with selectable extent, spacing, and slab thickness. Other features in this free-of-charge entry-level package include study and series anonymization, reporting, and printing.

  • A reliable internet connection. Note that internet service provider fees may apply.
  • Sufficient data storage available on your computer, USB, or external device for the download.
  • Review the System Requirements and make sure that your workstation is suitable for DICOM viewing.
  • Follow the Installation Instructions when you install ORS Visual Lite on your workstation.
  • Note that using a software without special certification for diagnostic purposes may not be allowed in your country. Contact Object Research Systems, or refer to Regulatory Compliance, for the most recent information regarding legal and regulatory approvals for ORS Visual.

All download links will be sent to the email address provided below.

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