What's New in Dragonfly 2021.1

Accelerating advancements for scientific imaging…


From quickly and efficiently training Deep Learning models to robust analysis workflows and bringing real-world materials to life with stunning visualizations, Dragonfly 2021.1 is sure to enhance your understanding of 3D scientific, industrial, and biomedical data. This major software release features:

  • Enhancements for the Segmentation Wizard, which lets you quickly implement powerful deep learning and machine learning segmentation of multi-dimensional images.
  • Additional deep learning architectures for training semantic segmentation models.
  • New pre-processing options for reconstructing projection data and additional support for importing micro-CT data.
  • Updates for Distributed Tasks, which lets you distribute compute-heavy operations to other Dragonfly workstations, HPC clusters, or to the cloud.
  • New ROI Painter tools, additional Window Leveling modes for fine-tuning renderings and optimizing visualizations, updates for managing your data, and much more.
  • Review all of the new features and product enhancements in the Dragonfly 2021.1 Release Notes.

    Dragonfly Release Notes Version 2021.1

Please don't hesitate to Contact Us with feedback and ideas for future features and enhancements. We hope you enjoy our latest Dragonfly release!

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