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Find answers to common support issues, such as how to learn Dragonfly and where to find help.

How Can I Learn to Use Dragonfly?

The best starting point is our online library of Video Tutorials. In addition, the Dragonfly Help system contains detailed information about all the Dragonfly tools, commands, and features, as well as instructions to use the software efficiently.

Are Training Programs Available?

Yes. Whenever you take advantage of ORS course offerings, you are sure to benefit from our training team’s in-depth product knowledge and hands-on technical guidance. Our team provides individual training tailored to the specific requirements of each user to ensure that each training experience is positive and productive. Contact us to schedule a training session.

Can I Get On-Site Training?

Yes. On-site training is a flexible, cost-effective training solution that allows you to train as many or as few users as you need. Contact us for more information about on-site training.

Do You Have Online Training?

Yes. Contact us to schedule an online training session.

Do You Offer Maintenance Plans?

Yes. Maintenance plans are provided with each purchased product license. Owners of a maintenance plan are entitled to free upgrades of minor and major software releases, as well as to priority Technical Support services over a period of 12 months from the date of initial purchase. Additional coverage can be purchased after the first year. Find out more about our Maintenance Plans.

Where Can I Find Help?

The primary source for documentation is the Dragonfly Help System. You can also access the Dragonfly Forums.

I Need to Solve a Certain Problem. Can You Help?

We are always ready to help solve complex imaging problems and research challenges. We also know that workflow efficiency plays a key role in meeting research and project goals. Contact us to find out how we can help you meet critical imaging challenges or workflow issues.

Support center

Email: Phone: +1.514.843.3861 Fax: +1.514.543.5475

Business hours

Monday-Friday: 09:00 ➝ 17:00 EST

Not on a Maintenance Plan?

You can still get technical support by purchasing a single inquiry.