3D visualization and analysis solutions from Object Research Systems provide research centers, engineering groups, and healthcare facilities with high-performance applications for processing, visualizing, interpreting, and analyzing scientific and medical image data.


3D visualization and analysis solutions for research and industrial applications

Designed for researchers and engineers in the fields of materials and life sciences, geoscience, and manufacturing, Dragonfly facilitates the intuitive inspection of multi-scale, multi-modality image data. Leveraging an open architecture, and bundled with the products of renowned manufacturers such as Carl Zeiss Microscopy, Dragonfly provides qualitative and quantitative data for material characterization, surface analysis, process evaluation, quality control testing, or any analysis function that requires a high-degree of accuracy.

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ORS Visual

A vital component of the modern healthcare enterprise

Combining an intuitive multilingual interface modeled on clinical workflows with real-time volumetric visualization, ORS Visual seamlessly provides rapid, multi-user access to medical image data derived from CT, MR, ultrasound, and other modalities throughout an enterprise. Addressing the needs of medical specialists through add-on modules that can simplify disease evaluation and procedure planning, ORS Visual has FDA clearance, Health Canada approval, and is CE marked for the countries in the European Union (EU).

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